The Power Of Atmosphere

This quote from Greg Laughery, director of the Swiss L’Abri encourages us to think about what type of atmosphere we create as parents. Hope it challenges you to test the atmosphere in your home. Hypocrisy and legalism are dangerous things – so dangerous they could turn our precious little ones away from Jesus. O Lord, give us grace to live before our children as real sinners saved by a real Savior.

“Christian parents all too often provide an atmosphere of inauthenticity and legalism which, among other things, results in a failure to align saying and doing. Children see this incongruity and because of it end up rejecting the faith that it is supposedly based on. When a more real expression of Christ comes their way, instead of finding their observations reinforced, they discover that they are challenged. Good! This frequently leads to a renewed faith and an authentic embrace of Christianity that parents unfortunately reject because it is not their own. Not good! If you’re a parent reading this – be open to a reformulated faith in Christ on behalf of your children. If you’re a child reading this – don’t give up on pursing a true faith or in the hope that your parents will become more open to where you stand as a Christian.”