A Blessed Christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone and we are truly filled to the brim with a joy that lasts beyond the gifts and “things.” Yes, God has been good to us in the material sense but our hearts have been blessed in an extra way this year.

We have a friend who is very special to our family. He calls the street his home and he has taught us alot about how much you don’t need to survive in this harsh world. We share a big thing in common with our friend Mark and that is our sin. We are equally sinners though his  sin may   bit more visible than ours. We’ve learned that it really doesn’t matter because we are all loved the same by a great and redeeming Savior. It was a great privilege to share our Christmas this year with Mark, our homeless friend. He has really become a part of our family over the years and the girl’s couldn’t wait to eat breakfast with him and give him his gifts. It was neat to be able to hear a little about his life and family and as is always the case, we walked away being more blessed than Mark probably did.  And what a joy it was to watch our little girl’s learn to love without reservation or  judgement.  As Kevin dropped Mark off to his home on the streets that morning, he was able to ask Mark about his salvation. And Mark assured us that “I’m not perfect but I believe I will go to heaven when I die.” This affirmed our hopes that Mark does love Jesus and we look forward to seeing him again in heaven one day. Now that’s what Christmas is all about.