Catching Up…

The Christmas season is upon us and although we like to keep things fairly simple this time of year (to be able to enjoy it and reflect upon it), life with 3 kiddos gives a whole new definition to “simple.”

Following my birthday and Thanksgiving, Ashtyn and I enjoyed sharing a handsome date together with my sweet dad aka “papa.” He took us out to a nice lunch at the Bolweevil, a local favorite of ours and then to the Imperial Theatre for our annual viewing of the Nutcracker. This was Ashtyn’s second year going and my 24th, a sweet memory since I was a little girl and more fun memories going  with my own little girl! Next year, little Jada will join us…

Ashtyn and Jada also celebrated their 5th and 3rd birthday’s with a joint ballerina birthday party. And let me tell you, it was a BIG hit – 14 little girls all in tutu’s equals a whole lot of fun. The highlight for sure was when Miss Megan taught a real ballet lesson. Miss Megan is Ashtyn’s ballet teacher so she’s sort of a super-star in our home these days. I had fun creating ballet slippers out of a cake and frosting and was surprised at how cute it turned out since cake decorating is not a specialty of mine!

And how can we forget about sweet Ellie Joy? She is growing by leaps and bounds and has been labeled “chubby” by many already – something I am very proud of because I’ve always wanted a chubby baby. Ashtyn never met that criteria and Jada barely did and then she dropped off the charts to be a tiny little thing.  Ellie hasn’t officially been weighed yet but I have a feeling she is doing well in the growing department. She has officially begun smiling and it just warms our hearts. She especially loves her little sisters and smiles so much for them.

We’ve ventured out on many walks these days and have been enjoying warm weather, today it’s almost 80 degrees! It’s interesting the looks you get when you are pushing a double stroller and have an infant strapped to the front of you.  I’m back at the gym now doing my weight training classes and I’ve hit the pavement and am getting back into the running groove.

Lastly, I have to publicly thank my amazing husband.  He’s been the enabler of adding some normalcy to my life again and he never fails to be to me so much more than I deserve. He’s a constant help around the house and an even more constant encourager to my sometimes weary soul. I am forever grateful to him…

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do.

Ashtyn and Pap

Ashtyn and Papa