Back To Church

Yesterday was Ellie’s first time at Church and my first time back in a month. It was surprisingly “natural” to be back and the day went very smooth. Our pastor’s mom, Mrs. Robertson came up to Kevin after the service and told him that Ellie was very dis-obedient because she slept through the sermon! If you know Mrs. Robertson, she’s a hoot! But boy am I glad she did sleep the whole time because there’s nothing like having to get up from the front pew and march all the way down that very long isle to get outside the door, especially with a baby who is ready to eat. I’m sure those days are coming. But for now, I’ll be thankful for a sleeping baby.  I’m especially thankful for the mommy and baby nursing room where I can listen to the sermon while feeding Ellie. It’s a good time to connect with other moms too!