Baby Watch

39 Weeks Pregnant

This morning’s 39 week check-up came with quite a surprise!  Little Ellie has decided to find a more comfortable position in the womb and is now in a transverse breech position (basically laying diagonal in there with her head at my ribs instead of down where it should be). After double-checking with an ultrasound and talking with our doctor about it, she has helped us to make the wise decision to help Ellie out via c-section. We talked through other options (of which are very limited in this situation) like going through a painful and sometimes unsuccessful procedure where a doctor tries to physically turn the baby. We were highly advised against an attempt at this because of the position of the placenta. In our doctor’s words “It is very risky and I’ve seen alot of problems arise when the placenta is where yours is.” So it became very clear, very quick that what is safest for both mom and baby is to have a c-section performed and we feel very confident in this decision. As we were waiting to talk with the doctor, it was so neat to experience God’s peace in His sovereign rule over this all and it was a privilege to sit there and pray for our doctor and trust that the Lord would use her to help us make the very best decision in this matter. It is hard to ignore the fact that God has been with us the whole pregnancy and that He continues to be in even this “turn of events” being very different than what we expected to hear today. How can we not miss the fact that at the very end of our pregnancy, the baby turns resulting in only one way to get her out? Incredible! SO….the big day is this coming Friday, October 24th at 8:30am. Dr. Carla wanted me in for the section as soon as possible so that I will not go into labor before hand thus causing the risk level to increase. We covet your prayers in the next day and a half and especially on the day of the surgery. This is the best gift we could receive from you. Check back in a few days for pictures of our precious Ellie. We can’t wait for you to meet her!

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9