Monday’s Musings

It is a weekly routine in our household for Kevin and I to sit down together on Sunday evenings, after our family grocery shopping outing and after the girl’s are in bed, to go through our weekly calendars and pray together. So it isn’t out of the ordinary when my mind starts spinning as I dwell on the week’s events and I usually find myself slipping into a natural tendency to control my life, Kevin’s life and my girl’s lives for the week. Now, if I were to explain this concept to someone in person, I wouldn’t use the word “control” because it sounds, well….too controlling. I would probably use more flattering words such as organizing, making more efficient, helping, managing…you get the point.

It’s not hard for me to recognize that I like to be in control. I have a “control freak” nature and it ofen gets me in trouble. Last night’s sermon hit way too close to home and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I’m constantly aware of the fact that I need to daily (and usually hourly) hand this thing over to the Lord, but it’s always good to have a fresh reminder from God’s Word. Psalm 93 hits the nail on the head, “The Lord reigns.” So why is it so tempting for me to put my name in place of the Lord’s in that text? Tara reigns? No, the Lord reigns!! And thank goodness for that. Last night I was reminded that: 1. God governs over all, 2. God governs powerfully and 3. God governs out of goodness. If I really believe God’s Word to be true than every cold that I get, and every dis-agreement I have with my husband, and every drop of water that comes out of my kitchen sink, and even every time I’ve been sinned against is governed by the Lord. I tend to think of only the “big” things. The Bible reminds me to look at even the tiniest details. And while God is in the details, He is ordering them with power and goodness. The two can’t be separated so that no matter what happens and no matter how out-of-control my day feels, I can rest in the fact that God knows what He’s doing and it is for my good anyway.

My week ahead poses its’ challenges: keeping two little girl’s clothed and fed, getting through the day in my tired pregnant state, welcoming the plumber to fix our lack of water for the next five days and dealing with the inconvenience of our water being cut off, fighting off my second cold of the month, laundry, cooking, ministry, paying bills, working out insurance annoyances, administering discipline to the girls, finding time to connect with Kevin and making sure he knows he’s a priority, excercising…I’m sure you have a long list too. But I expect this week to be different because I can rest in the fact that the Lord reigns. I don’t reign and I don’t have to. I’ll just do my best to be faithful and expect God’s power and goodness to manifest itself in this week – whether or not things go as I might have planned.