Power In 3 Minutes

My days are often busy-even if the business means sitting on the floor with my girl’s and putting a puzzle together. There is always laundry to be done, food to be prepared and hearts to be probed. Too many times, I make the mistake of starting my day without acknowledging my need for a Savior. I cherish getting a shower over praying or sleeping in an extra 10 minutes over spending those minutes reading God’s Word. And I always find myself extra weary at the end of the day(not to mention more prone to sin!) when I don’t take the Savior with me through my everyday tasks. That’s why I’m so thankful that this morning, I felt a litle tug in my heart to get some time in with my precious Savior. If I counted, it was probably only about 3 minutes, but that 3 minutes has made all of the difference for me today. Yes, I’m tired – actually exhausted from today’s doings, but I can keep going because of those precious 3 minutes. I find that when I stop for even a short time to recognize my need for Jesus and surrender my day and all its’ events to the Lord, He becomes Master of my heart. And when He is Master, I’ll find His grace sufficient.