Real Simple – Figgins’ Style

We are big fan’s of the “Real Simple” magazine, thanks to a sweet friend who gave it to us as a gift. Since we are on the subject of Fall, here are a few of our very own simple idea’s that we’ve been busy with over the past couple of days to enjoy the season as a family.

The girl’s and I enjoyed some Fall crafts the other day. We pulled out some scrap-paper I had sitting around in the craft closet and went to work. They had a blast with the glue sticks, scissors and crayons. I learned it doesn’t take much to make them happy!

This is what hangs above our fireplace mantel – just an old, beat up window(which we found in a pile of trash). We’ve ejoyed changing out the scrap-book paper as each new season rolls in, or just when we get tired of looking at the same thing after a while. We found this pack of paper at the dollar spot in Target. 8 sheets for a dollar and bam a whole new picture to ring in the Fall!

This wreath has been hangin’ around for a while but I made it last Fall and loved it so much I decided to keep it all year ’round. Can’t go wrong with red and teal together (which basically makes up our whole living room anyway) But these are so easy and cheap to make compared to the pricey already-made ones.

And of course, food is always what makes a new season so much fun! To celebrate the first day of Fall, we enjoyed warm rotisserie chicken, smashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar and cinnamon, green beans and macintosh apples with caramel dip. This is such a simple meal but it was so cute to see the girl’s so excited over it. They both scraped their plates clean and went back for seconds on the apples and dip.

Like I said, nothing fancy when it comes to our ideas, but our homes should always radiate the warmth of God’s love and one way we like doing that is through enjoying the different seasons God gives us and incorporating them, however simply, into our humble home.