It’s Monday and we are officially “detoxing” from our week at the beach. No more cocoa puffs, sleeping in(yes 7am is sleeping in) or cartoons. As we look back on the week, it’s evident that God answered all of our prayers! Our days were filled with fun food, sunshine and lot’s of water- but more than that we got to enjoy oneanother in so many ways without the distraction of schedules and obligations. Kevin and I got to enjoy many walks on the beach at night and we got to splash with the girls in the ocean and build sand castles. I even logged 9 miles of running with Kevin in the mornings with my 8-month large pregnant belly (imagine that sight) – something we haven’t been able to do together in a long time without carting around 90lbs of jogging stroller and two little girls!

Our last night at Isle of Palms ended so sweetly. Kevin and I took our last walk on the beach after the girls were fast asleep.  We sat on a palm tree washed ashore by the waves and prayed. You see, our lives will be drastically different in the coming months and we know we are experiencing the calm before the storm. Soon, we will welcome little Elliana Joy into our world, and we expect that in some way we will all be shaken a bit – in a good way.

And as I sat there on the palm tree and thought a little more, I started to feel “down” about returning to Augusta and settling back into my ordinary life. Then Kevin gently reminded me that what I do is everything but ordinary. What is ordinary anyway? According to dictionary.com: Ordinary means “of no special quality or interest, commonplace; unexceptional.”  When it comes down to it, my life is not so ordinary afterall!  I mean, what’s so ordinary about cutting PB&J sandwiches into hearts and stars, or discussing with a 4 year old about whether or not Jesus is God’s nickname, or lifting a 2 year old up onto the potty for the 7th time in 2 hours, or making meatballs out of playdough…the list could go on.

As I settle back into my not-so-ordinary days this week, I hope I remember as Kevin reminded me our last night on the beach, that this mommy work is a redeeming act of un-ordinary tasks. And the more I think about it, the more I love what I do. So, for all you moms out there, when you’re tempted to think that what you do is ordinary (because boy does it feel like it some days), you may want to think again.