Living With The Ache…

I’ve been waiting for the right time to come in which I would write an eloquent blog post about how I had figured out how to kick “the ache” in the dust and… Continue reading

Facing a Diagnosis

Story is what makes up our lives. Stories can be fascinating, thrilling, intriguing, dull, beautiful, inspiring, scary, invigorating, soothing. The difference between my story and the world’s story is that mine is eternal.… Continue reading

The Choice That Changed It All

A month ago, for the very last time, we walked down the very familiar three flights of stairs from the apartment building we lived in as a family of six for eighteen months. It… Continue reading

To Love

  Nearly every night as I tuck my children into bed, I place my hands on theirs and pray that they would know how great God’s love is for them. It is a… Continue reading

On Friendship…

  Friendship is, indeed, a precious gift to behold. It is also something that, to many, can hold memories of pain, scars and failed expectations. I can think back to my childhood and… Continue reading

The Ministry of Tears

  Several months ago I heard a sermon that the Spirit used to stir within me in a most beautiful way. Through a deep humility and passion, the pastor spoke of the power… Continue reading

My Commonplace Book (guest post by: Ashtyn Figgins)

    Hi! My name is Ashtyn Figgins and I’m twelve years old. My mom asked me if I would like to write a guest post on her blog, so here it is!… Continue reading

The Art of Simple

This past year has been one of beauty and challenge for us as we’ve lived as a family of 6 in a 3rd story, 1,200 square foot apartment. As we prepare to move… Continue reading

If life were always smooth and level…

“The land that you are to take possession of is a land of mountains and valleys that drinks rain from heaven. It is a land your God cares for; the eyes of the… Continue reading

Mountain Air

One great thing about where we live is that we are 2 hours from the beach and 2 hours from the mountains. It was such a joy to get up to the cooler… Continue reading